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Numbers have a special charm.

We address phone calls by dialing numbers. Most pagers are addressed by numbers. Phones have a number based keypad. Sometimes numbers are the prefered method of addressing messages.

The ByNumber service is one of the many ways of accessing Neda's Messaging Services. The ByNumber service provides a unified and stable way of sending messages to pagers, two-way pagers, faxes and email accounts.

The ByNumber service is primarily accessible through an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system using a standard touchtone telephone which allows you to originate messages by way of:

You can access the ByNumber Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system by calling 425-644-4038.

Figure: Digit-Based Address
Digit-Based Address

To learn more about how the ByNumber service works, get yourself a copy of the "ByNumber User's Guide" in any of the following formats:

(ONE-HTML) (SPLIT-HTML) (PDF) (Postscript)

Instructions for applying for an account are provided through this site. By using Neda ByNumber Messaging Services you agree to abide by the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE

To take full advantage of ByNumber Services:


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